It is a proven fact that most teams are only using 60% of its capacity? We can help you and your team towards better results through cultivation of team-spirit. A team must be able to produce more and at the same time have greater employee morale, less sick leave, higher degree of involvement and a better momentuum. The MUSKETEERS tem development concept takes you there!

Higher productivity. Better results. Less conflicts. Increased accountability. Proactivity. Team spirit. Fun at work. And more! Now - Try to figure out how valuable that would be to you if you could have all that. Write down a number, and start thinking. Know your team, get stronger, and achieve the needed results together. Go for Team Excellence!

We boost to your team through four team seminars. We provide the participants with modern business life facts, exercises and time for reflection and dialogue. That leads to greater accountability and ownership of the work within the team and the company. We will focus on communication, energy, flow, perception, conflict and assertiveness and perform both individual and team feedback on personal profiles covering all participants. This will boost your team!

The benefits will be a greater mutual understanding and an optimized communication in everyday business life, and your seminar costs are paid back, if the seminar provides just a 3-5 % increase in productivity. Measure this in: stronger mutual respect, higher motivation, better customer service, greater employee morale, greater well-being and increased productivity. Simple math, really!

The Four building blocks towards Team Excellence

To ensure a solid platform for retaining new team tools and thus give your business real "value for moneywe suggest these four seminars

TEAM SPIRIT - Effective Communication and Positive Cooperation in the team.

First, we work with cutting edge tools for effective communicationactive listening, perception and assertion. We build on enthusiasm, flow, the law of the possible and a platform for sharing, exchanging and inspiring. It's a full dayseminar and provides common platform of ownership, accountability and proactivityOur many years of experience has shown us that it is during thisseminar team takes a biggest step forward!

TEAM MAP -Personal Profiles of the team.

Who is on the team? Do you really know each other? Learn more about what drives you and your colleagues, chart the team results and discover the unused resources and skills through personal profiles. Everybody fills in an online personal profile questionnaire and we then work with personal strengths and limitations in order to identify what causes satisfaction, motivation, discouragement or stress in the team.
What are the preferences of each team member and how do team each others resources optimally? Coupled with learning from the Team Spirit leg, we include also conflict handling and change management.
Food for thought from the author Jim Collins in his book "From Good to Great": "If a company really needs to achieve its utmost potential it is first important to know WHO that is in the team, before discussing WHAT to do. Not the other way, what is often good practice in companies today. "
How are things with your team?


- Team values ​​and the new way of cooperation within the team.
Reel anchoring it learned through clear agreements on responsibility and ownership! Systemic coupling to the company's values ​​and vision and the integration of the creative constructive suggestions, which are naturally surfaced during the first 2 modules. We deal with conflict, change and perception of how things are done in your team. This can be a very tough module, but it's always a very profitable seminar. Ongoing: A New Dimension recommends individual coaching throughout the process to implementing and effectively anchor the learned within the individual participant. To make sure everybody is heard, seen and taken seriously!


- is the fourth and final building block - and we develop that alongside your new-born team. No rigid concept are needed here. Just application of all the skills and most of the tools available and a lot of hard and focused work to build and achieve the new paradigm. After that, it's all joyfully sliding down slope while harvesting more than ever, and solving upcoming challenges swiftly and with confidence.